Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

The Sanskrit term for life power is “prana,” and in Japan and China, people refer to Pranic Healing as “ki” or “chi.”

Pranic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that uses Pranic energy to treat sickness through a unique and complete approach to natural healing. Additionally, patients consider it a straightforward yet incredibly effective procedure that offers them instant advantages.

This divine¬†energy healing therapy is effective for all types of major as well as normal diseases. Additionally, Pranic Healers use color healing therapy to remove negative energy from the patient’s chakras and etheric bodies and then proceed to energize the aura and chakra with divine positive energy. Energy healing therapy can cure physical, emotional, and financial difficulties.

Furthermore, we can observe that Divine Healing is highly effective in treating virus-related diseases because viruses cannot withstand divine power. Instruments can also detect one’s thoughts and emotions, which are simply energy waves. Ultimately, the quality of one’s relationships and financial abundance is determined by energy patterns.

Pranic Healing Benefits

Parents can lower their children’s temperatures in situations of fever in only a few hours.

One can typically treat colds and coughs within a day.

Significant conditions including issues with the eyes, liver, kidneys, and heart can be partially or significantly alleviated in a few sessions.

better health and more endurance

inner tranquility and joy

Greater mental clarity and focus

rapid spiritual development

Better interpersonal skills, less stress

a higher sense of self

Become capable of attracting luck and increasing your wealth.

Prana Healing at the Happy Soul

Divine Healing is a non-touch energy healing modality that aims to balance the energy systems of the body. The Happy Soul offers Divine Healing as a comprehensive healing system that works on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. During a Pranic Healing session, the practitioner uses specific hand gestures to scan the energy field of the client and identify areas of congestion or depletion. They then use various techniques to remove the negative energy and replace it with fresh, revitalizing prana.

Furthermore, Pranic Healing activates the body’s natural healing processes, promoting physical health and emotional well-being. For those struggling with chronic pain, emotional trauma, or simply seeking greater balance and harmony in their life, Divine Healing at the Happy Soul can provide a powerful and transformative experience.